Wall Art -  Mirrored cameo and gemstones

Wall Art - Mirrored cameo and gemstones

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Subtly elegant cameo on wire-braid, oval mirror.  Body is enhanced with a wire braid ribbon, rough Lapis stone and blushed pink sapphire.

The soothing and subtle greyed frame holds both a silver paper mat and a classic tan mat. The inner papers are handmade from Japan with the center, blues paper made of rice straw on a rag paper. The side papers reflect the sapphire on the focal cameo.

It is show here from my wall inventory with the mirror reflecting an another art piece on the opposite wall.  Use it as a mirror and enjoy it as an artful statement.

One of a kind piece, available now.  If this is sold when you order, contact me for a substitute of custom piece.  Email: irene@jbirene.com