Tips for safe cleaning for your jewelry as wearable art - from International Gem Society information

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Do not use alcohol or alcohol based products on your jewelry.  Some cleaning methods will loosen the settings, wires and glues.  Avoid harsh chemicals and vigorous scrubbing. 


The  International Gem Society newsletter said: "It’s very essential to clean gemstones you are wearing to maximize its beauty, luster and brilliance but before that you need to know how you can clean gems. You have heard of many cleaning methods like ultrasonic cleaning, using jewelry cleanser etc. but do you know that all of these methods are not suitable for every type of gemstone? Sometimes lack of knowledge can damage your gemstone or setting. The simplest method that can be implemented on every gem is to take a bowl of warm, soapy water and soak your piece, it takes out the dust and particles then you can use a brush (it should not be metallic) to remove grime and particles. Never use any chemical and rub hard unless it is recommended to you by experts" (anonymous, nd, Para 5).

Anonymous, (nd). Navneet Gems and Minerals, retrieved from

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